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Latisse or Lash Extensions?

The truth is Lash Extensions don’t save your bank or your lashes.

As we age we actually loose lash thickness, darkness & length and sometimes mascara just doesn’t do the trick anymore so women tend to lean towards fake lashes/extensions or maybe just a better wand; whichever you choose each expense is a cycle, after 4-6 weeks its time for another set, and stick on’s only have X amount of uses which calls for more.

Let’s be honest eyelash extensions look beautifully thick & dark and is undoubtedly a hot trend right now but can also be very high maintenance making this an expensive habit. When clients discontinue lash extensions a big percentage have admit to seeing a huge lash decrease- this is caused by rubbing or tugging eyelashes whether that being asleep, applying mascara, or glue letting go causing the natural lash to fall out. Extensions can also disrupt the growth cycle of our lashes.
Life is short and your lashes shouldn’t be if your still craving that dramatic dark lash of your dreams there is new approach you can do to minimize trauma.
No, i am not talking about DIY inventions from Pinterest. I am talking about the real-deal product made by Allergan. A solution that is clinically proven to grow your natural lash and embrace it.

Latisse Solution By Allergan

This product, Latisse consists of Bimatoprost Ophthalmic which is a solution to treat inadequate/not enough lashes. Latisse comes in a package for a total of $120 and actually is easier on our wallets because it doesn’t require maintenance, just one box of Latisse has enough applicators and product to last up to 1 month when applied each night.  Once you achieve your full set of lashes, you can then decrease the days of application to applying Latisse 2-3 times instead of every night to maintain darkness & fullness that Latisse enhances.
Latisse is an option for people who want easy long lashes and want them to be natural and Latisse is the only FDA-approved treatment right now that clinically is proven to deliver that fuller appearance you’ve been waiting for. We offer Latisse at our Clinic. To learn more about Latisse and how it can save your lashes call our line (902) 322-6805 or email (Info@firstimpressionsclinic.ca) to schedule your consultation today.


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